Puig will influence the financing in the meeting with Sánchez in Castellón: "With music or not, the lyrics are the same"

The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has advanced that will affect the issue of regional funding at the informal meeting that will be held this Friday in Castellón with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, before the official meeting scheduled for September. “It is evident that with music or without music, the lyrics are the same: the Comunitat Valenciana must have what it deserves,” said the head of the Consell.

This is what he said in an interview with Cadena SER, collected by Europa Press, asked if he could claim better autonomic financing for Sánchez “with the music of The Killers in the background”, in reference to the coincidence of the meeting with the second This Friday’s International Festival of Benicàssim (FIB), in which the Las Vegas band performs.

Puig has remarked that he will not attend the concerts of the FIB because it coincides with the seminar of the Consell in Castalla (Alicante), but he will go to Castellón for the meeting with Sánchez. In any case, has stressed that it is an informal meeting and that the official will take place “when appropriate, in September, and where appropriate”, in La Moncloa, as it has indicated that the round of Sanchez with autonomic presidents follow the criteria from the date of approval of the autonomy statute. “There’s nothing to say, we can not say anything,” he said.

Yes, he has greeted the “gesture” of the president of the Executive to schedule a meeting outside the formal one, because “the fundamental thing is to talk”. In fact, he assured that he has already spoken “several days by phone” with Sanchez, so this Friday will affect “what he already knows: we need concrete actions for 2018-2019 and change the model (financing) to guarantee the uniqueness of the territories and the equality between citizens “.

In this context, the head of the Consell has valued positively that the new objectives of deficit and debt that will mark this Thursday the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy (CPFF) as “a new time and a new atmosphere that is already demonstrating a new mood” of the government. However, he insisted that it be more concrete, through “immediate actions”.

Therefore, he has guaranteed that “the lyrics will be the same as we sang to Rajoy: Now we sing it to Sanchez and we will sing it to anyone”, with the aim of overcoming the “boredom” before the imbalance of the Community in financing.

Asked if the advances will be a first step for greater indebtedness, has specified that the debt can be seen as much as what the Comunitat owes as what Spain owes to the region. “What some communities like Galicia have been given as regular financing, we have been given credit,” he lamented in this regard, what he sees as an “asymmetry” and “basic injustice.”

To solve it, he has advocated mutualizing the debt or that the State assumes directly, “at least the part that corresponds to the underfunding”. “We know that here there has been waste, mismanagement and corruption, and that part obviously we have to assume the Valencians,” he stressed, to reiterate that “the substantial part of the debt has to do with underfunding.” In short, “it is of a crushing logic and ethically irreprochable that finally its balance is substantiated”.


Puig has returned to criticize the statements of the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, that it would be a “moral and economic error to cancel the debt to some communities.” “What is immoral is to maintain the state of inequality we live in Spain between some citizens and another,” he said, adding that he is “very angry” when he hears the “popular” in these terms.

“What we demand is simply respect for Valencians,” he has claimed, to give as an example that “if we received the resources per inhabitant of Galicia, we would have balanced the budget”.


On the other hand, questioned by the fact that Catalonia is not going to be present at the CPFF, Ximo Puig has remarked that “bilateral meetings will also be produced by the Community with the Ministry of Finance”, although he has valued an “error” that does not attend the organ.

“Nor is it good for us that a possible ally is not in this multilateral debate, Catalonia is wrong and does not favor the citizens of Catalonia that attitude,” he said, although he considers that “that is his problem” and that the Government’s objective Valencian is still talking about the “good start” that the new deficit targets imply. It has also marked as a goal for the CPFF to address the 2019 Budgets and the “confidence generation” in the markets.