Let the music sound with the online loans

The gift of music is something that only a fortunate few have. Knowing his language and making art with him is already complicated enough so that, between the artist and his end, more factors get in the way. However, the price of instruments often widens these difficulties. So, if we do not have enough capital but we do not want the music to stop, we can opt for online loans. With an adequate credit, even if we do not have at that moment all the economic resources that are needed to buy our instrument, we could finance it and get it to sound non-stop.

What does an online loan offer for musical projects?

In the market, there are personal loans that are intended for any purpose. That is, we can use them for the reason we want. However, if we want capital for a specific project, we can weigh a somewhat more centralized type of financing .

If in our case what we want to finance is a musical theme, we could study the characteristics of one of the best loans in the current market. The personal loan that finances Cofidis musical instruments.


Lender Amount Cost Advantage  
Cofidis Musical Instrument Project Credit From € 4,000 to € 15,000 From 8.95% TIN (9.33% APR)
  • No commissions
  • No linked products
  • Without changing bank
  • Transfer in 24 hours after approval
  • Free advance refund

According to the world’s largest chain of musical instrument stores, the Guitar Center, sales have fallen dramatically in recent years. Especially in the case of electric guitars. Even in the case of Fender or Gibson guitars, the main brands, there has been a decline in this instrument that undoubtedly identifies with rock . This, according to the figures, is explained by the fact that in the past decade they sold 1.5 million electric guitars a year. In 2016, however, barely half a million instruments were exceeded.

The truth is that the high prices that instruments have do not help their sales. However, with the loan that we see in the table, therefore, we could finance them (even those of great importance such as piano, saxophone, violin, electric guitar or acoustic and drums, among others).

The advantage of this type of personal loan

If we are thinking of applying for the Cofidís Musical Instrument Project Credit, we must know one of its greatest advantages: flexibility. The personal loans offered by this financial institution allow you to change the term or monthly installments of our credit so that it adapts better to our current situation.

In addition, Cofidis credits also offer a great advantage called “wild card service”. This particularity consists of being able to postpone a one-month fee in which, for example, our expenses have increased. In this way we would have the added advantage of being able to postpone this payment and spend that month without problems of economic management.

Another advantage that we can highlight from this online loan would be that of not requiring the change of bank. If our bank is another, anyway, we could access this project credit. And besides not needing exclusivity, they would not charge us commission for the opening of the new account. So, if we need to finance the purchase of our musical instrument, we will be able to weigh this type of advantages that make our personal loan adapt to us and not the other way around.