Learning a musical instrument after 50 years is possible!

Learning a musical instrument after 50 years is possible!

Image result for grandparents playing musical instrumentAfter a certain age, many people consider themselves “too old” to start a new activity, or to embark on a new project. This is often the case for learning music: despite a strong desire to take piano lessons, guitar or any other instrument, a small voice sow doubt by asking a question “and if it was too much late?”.

Learning music, an art at any age

It is true that when you imagine a student taking music lessons, it is the image of a child that often comes to mind . Sports or artistic activities, children usually experiment a lot of things before really “finding their way” and register for different courses.

However being a student in adulthood is just as normal. It is not uncommon that after studying and building a family, when we finally have some time to agree, to wish to embark on a project that is really important to us , as the learning a musical instrument.

Nowadays, more adults are taking music lessons, for good reason: there is no age to learn music, and this learning is even recommended for its many benefits.

A good stimulant for neurons

Music, like most arts, has many virtues for the brain , which has been put forward by many studies. According to the researchers, many activities involve only a few areas of the brain at a time. Yet learning to play a musical instrument causes real gymnastics in the brain . To keep your mind sharp and stimulate your memory, learning music is a real fountain of youth. By regularly practicing your instrument, you may well be surprised at the speed of your progress!

Image result for grandparents playing musical instrumentChoose an instrument and I’ll tell you who you are

Like many of us, you may have been forced to learn an instrument by your parents or at school. Who has not known the cacophony caused by 25 students learning the recorder in college or primary school? Maybe you had to take violin or piano lessons from their parents?

Or, you may never have had the opportunity to touch an instrument of your life and you say it ‘s time!

There is nothing wrong with wanting his children to learn music, on the contrary it is even recommended. Yet some of us have entered adulthood with some bitterness for the practice of music. Being forced to do something often takes away the notion of fulfillment.

Now that you are in your fifties or sixties, you have the freedom to choose. It’s all about what you want, what you like. Which instrument has always intrigued you? Have you always dreamed of playing the guitar ? Was your idol more like a rocker with a hoarse voice or a lyrical singer? Do you secretly dream of becoming a DJ? Give free rein to your desires and awaken the passion that lies dormant in you and you will see how it is rewarding to produce sounds that will then give a true melody of which you will be the author.

Music can boost self-esteem


Starting to play an instrument is one of the keys to building self-confidence and strengthening it.

Starting a new apprenticeship usually causes a decline in trust. We hesitate, we have the impression not to succeed, we are afraid of failure . Do not be discouraged. This phenomenon is common to all beginners, regardless of age. Pass this course, you will see your confidence in you reboostée and not only in the field of music!

One of the most popular misconceptions is that we are having more difficulty learning and acquiring new knowledge as we get older. This, however, is completely unfounded and nothing allows to affirm such a thing. A healthy human being retains his ability to adapt and memorize throughout his life!

Beautiful encounters in the world of musicians

Once you reach your 50s and especially when you retire, staying socially active can be a real challenge for some. When their children leave the nest, the home suddenly seems empty and some have trouble meeting new people.

Learning to play an instrument can be a great way to meet new people . For starters, you will mostly interact with your teacher. You will be able to propose to your teacher to put you in relation with other musicians, or to organize courses in group. In addition to meeting new people, playing with others and sharing skills is very rewarding and will only make you progress faster.