Is learning music theory necessary to learn guitar?

Is learning music theory necessary to learn guitar?

Image result for musical instrumentsDo we have to know the music theory and its rules to learn to play the guitar? Your dream of playing the guitar teases you, but stands the shadow of music theory … And everything becomes blurry! And if that was still possible?

Music theory ? What is it ?

Music theory is the universal language of musicians, whether they play the guitar or any other musical instrument. It is in fact the only written language that is understood throughout the world. It appeared in the Middle Ages then evolved to become those five or lines that we know, and on which rise small black circles and white tails, and strange symbols, floor keys, vertical bars, waves, points, numbers.

To learn music theory is to learn notes and rhythm , the practice of the instrument comes next or at the same time as and when. Knowing how to read a score and transpose it to the neck of the guitar allows you to learn to play a piece by itself , without any model and without any help. The more you master this language, the more you can also speak it, that is to say, tune your instrument, play in a group, and even compose music.

Is music theory essential to play the guitar?

When you start the guitar, it’s a question that will come up, one moment or another.

Let’s proceed by analogy. Imagine that you decide to learn Spanish. If you’re just going on holiday in Spain, you’ll probably just have to listen to the expressions around you to start expressing yourself a little. You will be able to order a paella quickly, get by in everyday life, but what will happen when you have to hold a real conversation? Without real learning, without exercises, unless you spend several years, difficult to speak properly. You will probably have to study the local spelling and grammar rules if you want to express yourself orally and in an irreproachable Spanish.

It’s the same with music, but with a special mention for the guitar. 

Image result for musical instrumentsThe guitar, this instrument with particular learning?

Guitarists nowadays have another language much simpler than music theory: tablatures. To discover what a tablature is and learn more about how to read it, visit our dedicated article .

Here is the intermediate solution, there is a possibility to learn the guitar without going through solfege. An Allegro music teacher will explain how to read tablatures in no time. And tablatures are so prevalent that you can download all your favorite tracks on the internet to practice at home or play with your friends.

Solfeggio or not solfège guitar, each his style and his desires!

Finally, music theory and guitar are inextricably linked , everything depends on your personality. Without even mentioning the famous Jimi Hendrix or Django Reinhardt, many talented guitarists have never learned music theory , immersed in music forever, or learned by manipulating an instrument found in a corner of their family home.

Taking music theory classes may not fit with your idea of ​​”cool” music, the one that makes you want to blow up the reverb of your amp in a garage … But if you want to know the music in depth, approach the complex pieces, even compose, music theory will be your best asset.

Last good news … You can very well postpone the music theory, quietly. Discover your instrument , sharpen your feelings, approach your favorite style can be done without music theory, with the help of your teacher, and with tablatures. The notions of solfège can then be integrated smoothly, mixed with the practice. Learning to read the rhythm is often one of the first steps to follow.