Easy Violin Tutorial for Adults

Easy Violin Tutorial for Adults

Related imageSince it is a passion, a blow of heart, a desire repressed since childhood we have already done halfway! All that pertains to the learning of a musical instrument, and the violin in particular, considered Instrument-Roi , is accessible to the adult as well as to the child: only difference? It will be more difficult to become the First Violin of the Philharmonic Orchestra, but we will play well, for his pleasure, and also to perform in concert, with family, or with a group.

No age to learn to play the violin, but motivation

Being an adult does not mean losing one’s ability to adapt and learn. On the contrary, adulthood lends itself completely to new activities, especially since one is finally free to choose oneself and the only master of oneself . It’s no longer the parents who decide for you. If the circumstances of life have not allowed you to access violin lessons   because we decided on your behalf that it would be more practical, faster, or less restrictive than you learn to play the guitar, to practice a sporting activity or to do theater, today: it is up to you to choose ! You are your own master and you assume your preference!

Learn with your child

Sharing the passion of his children, having a common activity is even recommended for a question of emulation and friendly atmosphere!

But for that it is better to choose before, with the professor, the methodology to adopt so that your posture and the instrument are in conformity with your morphology and that you do not feel any discomfort during its regular handling, because it goes without saying that your learning of the violin will be somewhat different from that of your child. The latter will be excited to see you take seriously what he learns as “small”: a Grand who knows how to comply with the same obligations as him, it impresses!

Should I learn music theory to take violin lessons?

This is the box-departure: and if it seems like a punishment because it requires extra time and patience , look at the children around you, especially at home. You must show the example. Moreover, this “need” for learning is not as complicated as it may seem. At the end, there is the reward: decipher a melody that you like and that you dream to interpret. Your music teacher can also teach you music theory at the same time as the violin, and you will have everything to gain from the repulsive or repetitive steps.
To bring you closer to a professional sensitive to your commitment at a later date : the bases will come from your regular presence as well as from his attention to your game and your evolution.
Learn how to decipher a score in 7 points .

After the runaway, discouragement: what to do?

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Do not sink into the solitary rehearsal , where one reproduces mechanically and without knowing it, mistakes that one would stop with courses of music. For an adult, just as receptive to the drop in motivation as the child, it will be recommended to take lessons with a particular teacher and to interact with other musicians, (not necessarily violinists for that matter) or with a regular group where we know each other and help each other in a friendly way. Your teacher also recognizes the signs of weariness and will encourage you, in particular, to remove the stress that can block your efforts.

Lack of time to be a good violin student

The everyday life of the adult metro-work-dodo quickly generates frustration. To see the violin still in its case in the evening, the discouragement settles: you have the impression to regress or not to “be up” ! Overall, it’s mostly zenith and trust. Remember that learning the violin must be a personal development and not a source of worry , fatigue, or tension. Feel the pleasure and satisfaction of rubbing the ropes with your archer and listening to the sounds you manage to produce! Here too, your teacher teaches you to cultivate above all the notion of perennial pleasure and to listen to your body before leaving the violin of its case!