7 good reasons to take home classes!

Whether you are beginner or advanced , whatever your level, you can progress with a particular teacher . By registering to take music lessons on Allegro Music, you will access a list of experienced professionals near you , who will come to your home to share their passion and accompany you in your learning. Discover 7 good reasons to go through Allegro Musique for your singing, piano or guitar lessons!

1. A wide choice of musical practices

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Allegro Music is not content to offer you the classical music theory lessons at home , or the private lessons of singing, guitar and piano. From the musical awakening for the youngest to the organ, to the computer-assisted music ( MAO ), the musical analysis and the learning of very diverse instruments (harp, ocarina, etc.), everything is possible!

2. A program adapted to your level and your objectives

Each music course taught by our teachers is adjusted according to the student . True pedagogical advisor, he always ensures that the lessons respect the initial expectations, and proposes alternatives if the satisfaction is not total (to change instrument, method or even professor).

Beginners will be able to learn a new instrument , while the more motivated will have access to personalized support to integrate the conservatory , for example. Our teachers compose with all levels and all ambitions!

3. Home-based music lessons, according to your own constraints

Everyone does not necessarily have the time to move to the music school, or even to respect schedules provided by the teacher. With Allegro Music, you are an actor of your own musical training . You choose the times at which you want to receive the music teacher from your home to practice. You keep the freedom to define the regularity of the appointments, according to your possibilities.

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4. Passionate and experienced music teachers

All the teachers integrated in the Allegro Musique national network , deployed throughout France, have been carefully selected . They are nearly 17,000 music teachers, available in many cities, not only in the largest! After registering on our site, we will identify for you profiles corresponding to what you are looking for (in relation to the instrument you wish to learn or the theme you wish to address). Everything will be done so that you get in touch with a motivated professional, with all the keys to make you progress .

4a. All our advisers are musicians

In parallel, the advisers with whom you talk as part of Allegro Musique are all musicians: they know your problems and know how to give you the best recommendations!

5. Tax-deductible service provision

By involving an Allegro music teacher in your home, you call on a state-approved organization that qualifies for a 50% tax reduction on services. In addition, we offer simple means of payment, which avoids too much administrative procedures (CESU dematerialized, checks, direct debits, etc.).

6. Flexible subscriptions according to your needs

In order to satisfy all the profiles, we offer several different subscriptions: the 12 months formula, giving access to attractive prices , benefits from a first period of 3 months without commitment. We give you time to discover our services before you start! If you wish, you can also choose a free formula without commitment , that you stop at any time. And if you do not have enough availability to project over several months, we also distribute lesson books , which give you total flexibility on the frequency of appointments.

7. Progress at your own pace, without forgetting the pleasure of music

The learning of a musical instrument can be scary, because it requires diligence and a certain rigor . By opting for the support of a home teacher, you give yourself every chance to succeed , thanks to personalized advice and a pedagogical approach tailored to your own needs.