6 habits to learn guitar and improve

These 6 precepts you will follow and a good guitarist you will become

Want to learn guitar or become a better guitarist? To do this, start by reviewing your basics because we do not build anything on wobbly foundations! Here are the 6 habits that all apprentice guitarists should take!

better play the guitar

1- Guitarist, a metronome you will use

To perfect speed and sense of rhythm, the first thing to do is to train yourself with a metronome . This will allow you to play any riff, plan or song at the speed you want. Mastering your tempo is also essential for anyone dreaming one day to record their songs in the studio. Finally, using a metronome is the assurance of having the right rhythm on your favorite song from the beginning and not having to correct a bad gaming habit later.

2- Guitarist, at fixed hours you will train

Consistency is the key to progress. As the morality of the famous fable of La Fontaine has taught us ” There is no point in running, you have to start at the right time “.

It is not by practicing 6 hours today and doing nothing the rest of the week that your training will be effective. Better to spread these 6 hours on the whole week. Idealist? Perhaps ! But it’s important to be able to follow a weekly rehearsal schedule even if an unexpected event will sometimes shake him up.

Keep in mind, that a little bit of work every day is better than a lot of work from time to time.

3- Guitarist, others will listen to you play

Active listening is what makes the difference between a simple string scorer and an excellent guitarist. Those who forget to listen to others tend to overplay and encroach on other musicians in a group .

Also, if you are tired of listening to only your friend Paul, reconnect with your natural curiosity and listen to other styles of music. Be bold! And do not forget to listen actively analyzing different techniques of play , it is a great way to train his musical ear and therefore to play his favorite songs in the ear.

4- Guitarist, others will watch you

Observation goes hand in hand with listening. While hearing others play has its benefits, watching them brings important elements that you would not have noticed otherwise. In our digital age, you can find hundreds of thousands of videos of guitarists playing their tracks in just a few clicks. So do not hesitate to take advantage of this incredible wealth of information!


5- Guitarist, your weaknesses you will identify and you will challenge yourself

Becoming a good guitarist requires knowing how to criticize your own game, to identify your weaknesses. If an interval or a change of strings is a problem, practice to overcome this difficulty. You must constantly challenge yourself otherwise you risk stagnation for a long time. And even if you will inevitably reach a plateau phase, it is up to you to work to overcome it and progress.

6- Guitarist, a routine you will follow

Sometimes you have to leave aside the creative part to focus on a strictly mechanical approach that will work on the technical aspects of your game. Setting up a routine to work on a daily basis can be a good solution. For example :

  • agreements
  • ranges
  • arpeggios
  • Solo techniques

Become more familiar with the technical aspects will be an asset to compose or just be comfortable on all types of pieces. Practice a little each day and you will progress slowly but surely!