5 received ideas that dissuade to learn the piano

You have always wanted to learn the piano but you have been discouraged every time? Are you convinced that you will never be able to play with both hands together? Do you think that learning to read music is long and tedious? Think again, everyone can learn the piano by giving them the means! For the little ones, as for the big ones, it is necessary to overcome these false beliefs on the learning of this instrument. Here are the 5 received ideas that dissuade to start at the piano!

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It takes talent!

This is probably the worst idea of ​​all! This notion of talent, this belief that wants you to believe that you were born with the ability to do something right or not, that is inscribed in your genes. This is particularly present in music. Yet no one woke up virtuoso one beautiful morning! Behind what is called “talent”, there is above all a lot of work and training ! The piano requires practice and daily efforts to be mastered. If a natural ability can help in learning, nothing will ever replace regular exercises.

You have to know how to read music!

Another common misconception about music that stops many novice pianists is the belief that we must learn to read the scores of all the pieces we want to play. It’s just wrong! If we compare music to language, we realize that to learn a new language, reading is the last thing we do. We first learn to listen, to speak. In the same way, playing music is more important than knowing how to read it. For example, to learn a popular piece, you do not need to have the score at hand. You can try to find the structure and the different chords by ear. By understanding this song structure, you will learn new songs in just a few hours. By practicing to play by ear, we can quickly play all that we hear: practice!

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It is complicated!

Have you ever tried to master a particularly difficult passage in a song without ever getting there and finally giving up after many attempts? Learning a new song with new rhythms requires your brain to absorb new information , so it needs to create new connections. It’s a bit like learning to juggle, we try with 3 balls, we fail at the start, then, by dint of training, we finally get there every time. It’s exactly the same with the piano! You have to train again and again until new connections are created.

I do not have enough time !

When learning the piano, it is better to play 5 minutes every day rather than practice 1h every 3 days. So, go for 5 minutes on your breakfast and you will not have any excuse not to put you there! In addition, remember point 3: no need to decrypt all partitions. So the next time you hear a song, try to understand the melody, listen to the different chords and the relationships between them. Do not forget the essential thing is to have fun and be consistent in learning!

It will take years!

And if you think that it will take years to succeed to have a correct level, think again, a regular training is the key to fast progress in music! We must find a source of motivation, a goal and each time it is reached to set a new one, and you will see you progress visibly!